Alesis Air FX

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The AirFX is a device that processes incoming audio or generates effects in reaction to movement. AirFX features 50 quality-preset programs that modify any audio signal from CDs and vinyl to live performance in real time. AirFX incorporates Axyz (pronounced ax-is) technology. Axyz technology consists of an infrared beam that can be manipulated in three dimensions, along the X, Y and Z axis. Using triangulation, up to five different parameters can be controlled in each preset program. AirFX is easy to operate because 'playing' it is largely based on human intuition. The 50 preset programs include effects like panning, flanging, pitch shifting, and resonance filtering. airFX offers a host of other esoteric digital signal processing effects that include programs like Vinylizer(tm) a scratchy vinyl simulator, and a scratching effect that emulates the sound of 'rocking' a vinyl record as it plays on a turn-table. airFX also features real Sub-harmonic synthesis (which creates low frequency harmonics for very low bass sounds), vocoding, synthesizer and percussion/effect sounds. The unit also features stereo RCA inputs and outputs, a frequency range of 20Hz-20kHz, 24-bit converters and ships with a 9-volt DC external power supply.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $249.00

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