Access Indigo 2

If the original Indigo was a Virtual-Analog Roadster, this baby is a stunning Silver Speedster. The new Virus indigo-2 offers everything you need to produce high-octane sonic masterpieces in a compact package that’s built for comfort and speed. The original limited edition Indigo revamped an entire industry’s concept of supply and demand. Now, equipped with a new front-panel and the engine of the Virus C, the indigo-2 is ready to do it again. Only this time, it’s got a souped-up transmission: a 3-octave keyboard with Aftertouch! Ultra-cool… with aluminum side panels and even more blue LEDs, the indigo-2 packs power, portability and the legendary virus sound into a stunning presentation with the style and substance to take you anywhere and everywhere—all by itself. And you can’t imagine better handling, taking your creativity from zero to infinity in no time flat.

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